Weddings, Family, and Portraits by Leah and Isaac Hsieh
Ojai, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles


About f27 Photography


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Wild Leahs and Isaacs can often be spotted, camera in hand, laying in the middle of Los Angeles streets, climbing fences in Ventura, or hidden in bushes in Ojai to get the perfect shot.  While Isaacs are often accident prone, they are usually accompanied by a worried Leah to make sure they survive each day so they can return home to their grumpy photo-hating corgi Jordan.  

After Leah and Isaac got married, both were at loose ends and decided to take up wedding photography.  Over six years later, they’ve developed a classic style of realistic bold colors, natural settings, and an artistic flair that has been helping their business grow in Ventura County.  Between Leah’s attention to detail and Isaac’s ability to take gorgeous epic shots, they balance one another well.

While Ojai is their favorite local place to take photos, they both love to travel, especially to Northern California or the East Coast where the beautiful trees and golden sunlight go so perfectly with their style.  They’re always ready for a new adventure together.


Growing up in the Ojai Valley, I was always off on some kind of adventure with my bright pink Barbi camera.  I had a weird knack for cutting off people’s heads, but only in film I promise! After graduating from CSUCI’s fine arts program in Camarillo, I realized painting wasn’t going to pay the bills. Luckily once Isaac taught me his photography tricks, including how to frame a shot with heads, I was hooked.

Though I could easily spend my days taking photos of our adorable corgi Jordan, I also love finding quirky, offbeat couples who want to show off their individuality in front of the camera.  Yes we will probably take you off to a random field in Ojai, a garden in Santa Barbara or an abandoned building in downtown LA, but you will have photos as unique as your love story (just wear comfy shoes).

When I’m not holding a camera, I’m still painting, reading fantasy books, listening to true crime podcasts or watching my guilty pleasure hoarding show.


Being raised in Ventura County, I've always loved the natural beauty here of the coast and outdoors. It's a given that there are so many beautiful beaches. Photography has always been an avid passion of mine. Like many others it wasn't my first or even expected profession. At gatherings, friends always knew they could expect to have me there, camera in hand, ready to document and capture those memories.  

While transitioning from one IT job to another I was provided an opportunity to work in the photography department at a the local paper in Ojai California. It was a small photojournalistic job, but gave me the confidence to grow my skills and understand the business. From there I made my jump into starting my own business. However, I just couldn't find a consistent style and felt like I was missing something. I realized what that something was when I convinced my artistically gifted wife, Leah, to join me in business. She helped define us in our photography.

The times where I'm not behind the camera you'll often find me playing video games, going out for the latest food craze and more than likely being pounced on by our corgi Jordan.