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Ventura, CA

(805) 628-2727

Isaac and Leah Hsieh specializing in weddings, families and portraits. We are a married photography team from Ventura California. We also love fashion photography, cosplay photography and playing with our Welsh Corgi, Jordan!


f27 Photography Blog

Duffy Family Photos in Downtown Ventura

Isaac Hsieh

Family photo shoots are always so fun and full of surprises.  Luckily for us the Duffy family are not only stylish and photogenic, but very close knit and affectionate.



Peter, also a fellow photographer, his lovely wife Karen, and their two kids Isaac and Kaleigh all live in Ventura, and so it was only fitting that we use one of Ventura's most iconic locations for their family photo shoot.  Cross Park not only overlooks downtown Ventura, but also has a beautiful view of the ocean and the Channel Islands. It's picturesque location though, also makes it very popular. Luckily we were able to find beautiful patches of light in which to capture this families adorable interactions.  Kaleigh was in an especially playful mood, randomly licking her parents and climbing up the paths with her big brother Isaac watching over her.



Brandi - Editorial Fashion Shoot in Upper Ojai Valley

Isaac Hsieh

These photos of the lovely Brandi Ajah Crockett were taken while we were helping out with a photo shoot for the Ojai Quarterly magazine Atop Sulfur Mountain, high above the beautiful Ojai Valley, are string of incredible multimillion dollar mansions with a breathtaking view that stretches all the way out to Ventura and the Channel Islands on a clear day.


During a quick break from helping out with the magazine cover, we were able to pull our model Brandi aside, and at the sunset over Ojai, we were able to snap some photos of her in a beautiful field high atop the mountain.  


Brandi, both a model and photographer based out of Ojai, was amazing to work with. We wish everyone knew how to pose as well as she did, for though the photo session was short, we were able to quickly get some beautiful shots of her.


Winter Editorial Fashion Shoot with Veronica Noel in Ventura

Isaac Hsieh

Winter may not be prime wedding season, despite the beautiful weather we have in Southern California, but we can always find inspiration! This photo shoot was a collaboration between us and an extremely talented local cosplayer.  We have shot with Veronica Noel at Ventura and Los Angeles conventions previously where she has portrayed such iconic characters as superheroine Black Canary and her very own steampunk version of Disney's Ariel.


For this shoot we went more surreal than super hero but we knew Veronica's ethereal look would be perfect for the wintery forest nymph we had in mind.


Luckily the east end of Ventura, practically our own backyard, is a gorgeous place for photos.  Little pockets of nature are hidden between the orange orchards and track homes, perfect locations when you need to create a small wintery forest glade.